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In accordance with Article V of the Constitution of the Corporation, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Annual Meeting of the Corporation will be held on Thursday, May 27, 1965, at 8:00 p.m., at the West Kinney Junior High School, 301 West Kinney Street in the City of Newark.

The purpose of the meeting shall be as follows: l. To elect the Board of Trustees.

2. To receive and review the annual program and financial reports of the Corporation.

3. To consider and act upon a proposed amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation of the Corporation providing for disposition of the assets of the Corporation in the event of liquidation, dissolution or termination of the Corporation. Said proposed amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation is essentially the same provision as now appears in the By- Laws of the Corporation.

4. To consider and act upon a series of proposed amendments to the By-Laws in accordance with the provisions of Article X of the By-Laws. The proposed amendments are briefly summarized as follows:

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Article I, Section 1 Reduce the minimum age limit for membership from twenty-one years of age to fifteen years of age. Provide that persons shall participate as members instead of serve as members.

Article II, Section 2 Increase the number of trustees in stages from forty-eight to sixty-three at large. Include the seven remaining members of the City Council as honorary members of the Board of Trustees.

Article II, New Section 2 (a)

Provide for increase in the trustees by adding five each year until the elected trustees shall number sixty-three.

Article IT, Section 6 Preclude proxy votes by trustees for the election of officers and expenditure of funds.

Article II, New Sec

To eliminate trustees from the Board who fail to attend three consecutive Board meetings without justified absence.

Article III, Section 1

Require that officers of the corporation be twenty-one years of age or over. Officers shall be elected by the Board of Trustees at its first meeting following the annual membership meeting.

Article III, Section 2

Officers shall serve until election of their successors.

Page 3 Article III, Section 9

Article III, Section 2.

Include the chairmen of all standing com- mittees as part of the Executive Committee.

Article III, New Section 10 Designation of the standing committees.

New Article IV

Establishes mechanice for the conduct of nominations and elections.

New Article V (Old Article IV)

Title extended to include community agencies.

Article V, Section 1

Authorizes the Executive Director to employ personnel, retain consultants, or sub-con: tract with existing community agencies with- in the framework of the budget.

Article V, Section 2

Gives the Executive Director, with approval of the Board of Trustees, authority for evaluating research, administration of projects and execution of such responsibili-~ ties.

Article V, New Section 3 Authorizes the Executive Director to sub- contract with existing community agencies to attain the purposes of the corporation, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.

New Article VI, Section 2 (old Article V)

Requires a petition by 250 members of the corporation for a special membership meeting in lieu of one-fourth in number of members of the corporation.

Page 4 Article VI, Section 4

Board of Trustees meetings are to be held monthly on the third Thursday of every month.

Article VI, Section 6 Fifteen trustees constitute a quorum at a trustees meeting. No proxies may be used for this purpose.

Article VI, New Section 8 Adoption of Robert's Rules of Order to govern procedural questions at all meetings.

New Article VIII (Old Article VII)

Exempts members and contributors from liability for debts of the corporation.

The foregoing shall constitute the matters to be con- sidered at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Anyone wishing a copy of the existing constitution

or the proposed amendments may obtain same from the corpora- tion office, 124 Branford Place, Newark, or or before May 20.

By Direction of the Board of Trustees

—— C. Willard Heckel President



Report of the Nominating Committee

On Tuesday, April 6, 1965 the Nominating Committee held an open meeting at the Fuld Neighborhood House. At that meeting the committee heard suggestions from the membership for nominees to the Board of Trustees of the United Community Corporation. The committee then met in two long executive sessions to go over these and other names received by mail

as well as those names of Trustees who were subject to rota- tion. The task of the committee was very difficult because of the many qualified candidates for the few open seats on the Board. After careful consideration, and in keeping with the concept of a balanced and widely representative Board of Trustees we submit the following names for nomination as Trustees of the UCC:

CHARLES W. GARRISON a vice president of Bamberger's depart- ment store, and one of the leaders of the Newark business community. Mr. Garrison is a former co-chairman of the Business and Industrial Coordinating Council. (Second Term)

MRS. GRACE MALONE the Director of Welfare for the City of Newark and Assistant Secretary of the UCC. Mrs. Malone has been concerned with the problems of the disadvantaged for many years. (Second Term)

FRANK LORIA is a leader of the Italian American community in Newark. He has been very active in the formation of area boards especially in his own neighborhood of the city. (Second Term)

RALPH GELLER is the District Supervisor of New Jersey State Employment Service. He has been a public servant for many years with a special concern for the poor. He is now in- volved in helping out of school youth. (Second Term)

IRVING ROSENBERG is a union leader with a deep concern for the problems of the community, and a Commissioner of the Newark Housing Authority. A founder of UCC, he is one of its most active members and an Assistant Treasurer. (Second Term)

KENNETH GIBSON works for the Newark Housing Authority. He spends most of his spare time as a civil rights leader.

He is presently Co-Chairman of the Business and Industrial Coordinating Council and a UCC Vice President. (Second Term)

DUKE E. MOORE, SR. is a Vice President of the Newark Postal Union, a member of the executive boards of the New Jersey State Postal Union and of Newark Coordinating Council. He is also a charter member of the Business and Industrial Coordinating Council and one of the founders of UCC. (Second Term)

THE REV. KINMOTH W. JEFFERSON is one of the true founders of the UCC. Chairman of its original by-laws committee and active in every phase of its early development, he is the Executive Director of the Newark Council of Churches.

(First Term)

AMADEO BERMUDEZ is a leader in the Spanish speaking community in Newark. President of Hijos del Vivi, a civic group con- cerned with voter registration and health problems, he is leading the efforts for a Puerto Rican Day this summer. (First Term)

CAMES ABRAMS is a Newark attorney. He was recently elected Surrogate for Essex County. He is also an Assistant Corpor- ation Counsel for the City of Newark and a member of the exe- cutive board of Fuld Neighborhood House. (FIRST TERM)

LOUIS PITTS is a member of the Newark timan Rights Commission and a leader of the Clinton Hill (area III) community. A Trustee of Trinity Methodist Church, he is active in Clinton Hill Rehabilitation as well as head of his block association. (FIRST TERM)

JAMES WYNN is a lifelong Newark resident. He is a member of the Voters Civic League of the West Ward; Alpha Lodge #16

F & A M: and St. James AME Church.


ANDREW WASHINGTON is a former Newark elementary school teacher. A long time Civil Rights leader, he is active in the NAACP

and other organizations. He is presently a Commissioner of Newark Comm. for Neighborhood Conservation & Rehabilitation. (FIRST TERM)

GEORGE JONES is the Manager of the Scudder Homes project. He is known to all as a man who has a deep concern for those who live in public housing and has won the respect of his community.



GLORIA BRIDGES is a housewife who understands the building of a home and its place in combatting the ills of poverty- She has been active in the work of the UCC anà in the com- munity at large with special interest in the scouts- (FIRST TERM)

ROBERT CURVIN former chairman of Essex CORE and now on its National Board is one of the community's most distinguished Civil Rights Leaders. He is supervising the county's Title V program through the Welfare Board where he works.


We move the election of these nominees.

Louis R. Quad James W. Pawley Raymond Proctor

Rev. Kim Jefferson

Maria Blake

Rabbi Jonathan J. Prinz, Chairman