Z ~


VOL. 15,

Iss1, 1881,


Business Mivectory.

Jobn J. B, Fiint,

YOLICITOR for Bank of Commorce, Office kK) Campbell Street, Money to loan at lowes rates, No charges for commission,

A. BR. Dovoatt, Q QO,

William N. Ponton, M.A., ARRISTER, Attorney, Solicitor in Chan- cary, Conveyancer, Ko, Office, No. 3, Poat



Liverpool, Londonderry, and

» Glasgow.

J firat-olass Olydo-bailt iron steamships

+ of the Allan line, (carrying the Canadian

and United States Mails,) will despatched as follows:—

? SAILINGS FROM QUEBEC: POLYNESIAN, - - - 20th Oot, SARDINIAN, - - + «+ Sth Noy, PARISIAN, weyers Teh

\ : PERUVIAN, - . «5s

SARMATIAN, - - -26h

RATES OF PASSAGE : From Relleville via Quebec:—Cabin eovord? to position of state-room, $79.80, $89.80.

BARRISTER, &0., BELLEVILLE. Office in Gordon Block, Front St. Money to loan at lowost rates. © A ama sum of privato junds on hand at six per cent., straight loan, no commission, 24d _W. J. GIBSON, B.A, M,D., OM. | gi House Sargeon of Kingston Gonoral

Hospital. Graduate of Queen's Univor-

sity. Physician, Surgeon, Accoucher. Office Dafoe House Block. d&w

J, E. Eakins, M. D, |

termediate, with first-class Railway Faro, RADUATE of Toronto University, Licen-

' $47. tiate of the Royal College of Rorenoon, ° Steerage with first-class Railway Fare, $52. | and Licentiate of the Royal College of Physio- Return Tickets at reduced ratos, ians, Edinburgh. Office and residence corner

Hote! and Obureh § Streets, Belleville. A.W

S' passengers are booked to London, { Briatel, Gerlifl, Queens: . . Derry and Glas- PONTON

4 gow, at samo rates ye { An experionced 9 n acoompanios cach ROVINOIAL LAND SURVEYOR, Bello- vessel, yille. Office in the Gordon Blook, near- _ sond for their ae ly over Overell’s Book Store. : obtain ortificates at lowest rates from |) ~=——-————— Pre ee : Englaud, Ireland or Scotland, to any place in BELL & BIGGAK, Canada ARRISTERS, Attorneys, &o. Ovrioes—

Cornor of Bndgo and Front Strects,

Tho last train cpanenting at Quobeo with i Bellovillo, Ontario.

the Allan Mail Steamer leayo Belleville

sree eriday at nOem. yet eatin A Joun Bucr, Q. C. W. H. Biaaan. ra can eave by nig a ——

train on Tadaye, and connect with the ateam- BLAIR & HOUGH,

or at Rimousk: (paying tho oxtra fare, $4.45, ARRISTERS, &o., offices No. 4 Ashley

Quobeo to Rimovskt.) © Block,over Canadian Bank of Commerce?

For tickets and o information, aj Front St. Belleville. : “x ee id HUGH BLAIR, J. STANLEY HOUGH,

N. B.—Private monox to 2 at 7 per cent,

Ropertson & Thomas, ARRISTERS, &o. Office—Robertson Blook, east side of Front Street, Bollo- yille, Ont. ai Asx. Roparrson.

U. E. THOMPSON, , Agent, Belleville,


Commoprous AND Favyontrz PassenoER AND ¢BEIORT STEAMER ,

J, Parker THomas.

Deianey & Ostrom, 3 eo yritee tamed Attorneys, eto., Trentan. | ' a =z _Poterson & Peterson, anmxaypRa, | Biro et Slee re in veno an O-

uy Carrary Sarin, 4 ohanios’ lien oases, Conveyan , &o. ; ILL, until further notice, leave Belle..} Head Office corner Bri per Front Ste., ville every Saturday evening and | Belleville, ; Kingston 8 o'clock Monday evening, down- Branoh office O'Flynn’s Black, Madoo.

[ wards, A. M. Prrersow, A. 0. W. Paranson,B, A, Returning, ee ee at six o’olook Geo. D. Dickson, meats fr lowest rates-to Portland, | RE ae &o., Post Office Blook,

Orchard Besch, White Mountains, and all Bridge Strest, Bolloville, Foante nee ee eee al | Sam’L 8. Wallbridge, Jr. LL. B., formation, apply to the Captain on Board or | A TTORNEY-AT-LAW, Solicitor in Chai to Grahan'?’ Bh aL entoee fone Gain shalt Ww. f ’s Blook, entranos ' { oe Ee ee nest || Street, BallevillacOst. daw tf Belleville, May 8rd, 1881. d&w John J. Farley, M.D. . Cy and Residenco,—Front Streot, over Carmichael’s Drug Storo,

uieeee (eh 5 Hats Dr, &. James AS removed his office to his residence,

Y The Steamer VARUNA, , Pa Church Stroct, noar the Kingston

; pleats carey cating S. A. Abbott, NM. D., é 0" at) (NN RADUATE of Quoon’s University, and Ratustvile abd ports between the head of momber of the College of Ph eal e Bay and Picton, leaving Belleville at 8 a. Surgeons of Ontario. Ovyicu—In Robortson’s

Now Block, West Front Street, next to

" S Moohanios Institute, Bolleville, "4158

nn . > Omnibuses in waiting at Picton and Belle- Evans & Bolger, Ville. ROVINOIAL LAND SURVHYORS li W. H. CAMPBELL, Arohiteots, Olvil Enginecrs and Land . Agent, Belleville. | Agonts, Offico—Dominion Buildings, Bridgo “ay vs et Agent, Picton. Street, Belleville, Surveying in all i : ' 3

branches in any part of Ontario promptly attended to, Drawings, Spooclfications, , ofinventions spearg send T aay applied for, Joun D, Evans, Txos, O. Betoxzr, PLS, 0, BE, & A. : P, 1.8,




Seer et 7! i 4

ens ite > “a G@ ORAWFORD, MASTER, "ILL leave Belleville every morning

(Saturdays and Sunda: copted) at ae calling at interm, Ber ork oth Maernicg! will leave Kin for Bolloville Barmes Srnaez, Bavievices, Ont.

and intermediate ports at 4:30 p.m.

The “Hero” connects at Kingston with the G. T, R, going East and Woat; tho Royal ‘Mail lino of steamers for Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton ; the forry steamers for Cape —— and steamers for Ridean Canal and


Doposlts recelved, subjoot to withdrawal without notice and interest allowed.

¢ ~ RUPTURE Chas, Cluthe’s Pat Spiral T:u°:

yon cunE or Rurruns.

wa. For further information a to Ww. a MUA MPBELL, Belleville, May 6, 1881, d&w


ri havo recently published new

edition of Dr. Oulverwell’s Oele-

ENTIMELY NEW PRINCIPLE Nothing better and more substantial undor the

bility, Mental and Physioal Inca , Impediments to Marriage, ote, Sisalitea few

oxcosacs, sun! you aro ruptured or deformed send MF Price, in s sealed envelope, only 6 conts, | for book on Rurruna avp Homan Fuse, by or two postsge stamps. Chas, Clothe. Bost information of a life-long

The colebrated anthor, in this sdmirablo Eassy, oloarly domonstrates,from thirty years’ succcesfal praction, that alarming oonse-

aonces may be radloally cured without the

rous use of interna medicine or the Application of the knife; pointing out a modo oure at onoo simple, certain and effectual, by means of which ovory sufforer, no matter what bis condition =r may ouro himtol obesply, privately and radical F his Leoctare should be In the hands of every youth and every man in the land, Address THE OULVERWELL MEDICAL Co,, 41 Ann 8t., NowYork Post Office box 4566. BOly


AMTIES wishing to purchase good meat : at {air prices, would do woll to call at the

Riverside Moat markot, All kinds of Froah Wanted. Big Pay, Light Saeun Law & Co,, Montreal, Qurheo,

. and Salt Meats kept constantly om hand, Work. QOonstant employ nired : Oe awook in your own town, ‘Torma it $66 wx: $5. ouslit free, Addros H HAUerr alne,

study. Natural mechanical advantage #; 18

years’ material exporionce and bost tools mon-

ey can buy, made him perfect master of his

profession. Will visit asfollows. Oomo early

Don’t wait for the last hour.

Late of Hamiton. CHAS OLUTHE, 1184 King St. West, Toronto; Ont,


PETERBOROUGH, Choat Houso, Oct. 6th. RFLLEVILEE, Anglo-American Hotol, Oct. 7th and 8th.


8000 of Private Moncy at 3 pe cent. Ohargeslow. No Com. mission. PETERSON & PETERSON, Barelaters, &o,,

Rallavilie and Madoc Aorl 18, 1AAn 4Aw


R. G. 8, RYERSON, L.1.C.P, and 8, K

Leoturor on Eyo, Far and Throat, Tria

ity College, Toronto, and my! to Meroor ¢ aod Ear Infirmary, late Clinloal Aasistan, V7.0 eoold'e Eyo Hospital, London, Mngland, and Central London Throat end Kar Hoapital! 417 Church Street Toronto, will visit Belle. ville, proféasiondly, on Saturday, Deo, 10th,

AGENTS Wat oni &Cc., Portland, M

“atl he Yoo | = > wr PRN Dougall & Falkiner. ARS vas SN ] ARRISTERS and Attornoys, Notaries = ete! yal sre Fublic. Office—Nos, 1, 2, 3 and 4 wine . ¢ Se t Campbell St,, Bollovillo, Oatarto,

Of Livorpool and London. A FIRE AND LIFE.

, $10,000,000 3,000,000

Capital - - . Surplus . ~ - OES a goneral Insuranoo Business, and

ives as undoubted seourity, and insures at au low rates as any other first class Com

N. B, PAvKINER. | pany,

FORBES & MUDGE, Montreal, Chief Agents for Canada, R, NEWBERY, Agent for Relloville

| Good News for the Multitude.


NHE Guelph Patont Process Flouriog Mille T will opon a Retail Storo in the

Masonic Block, Belleville,

opposite the Upper Bridge, Those mills aro situated in tho best wheat growing section of Ontario, and flour made in pet cannot be surpassed, if equaled, in Can-

All sales guaranteed to give ontiro satiafac- tion, and will bo sold choapor than any equal- ly good flouranywhore, Try ssawple lot and seo what good flour is,


} ANEY’'S TRADE MANUAL —Prac- tical books for practical men—frosh, fall, reliable and cheap.—Lainter, 50cts. Car- mter, 50, Watchmaker and Jeweler, 50, urniture and Oabinet Finisher, 50. Dyer

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engraver, 260, Of booksellers, or by mail, TESSE HANEY & Co. 119 Nassau St.,N.Y,




English Malt Vinegar French Wine Vinegar, Charlton’s Vinegar, PURE OLDER VINEGAR.


Grocens anD Wine Menonanns, 87 & 39 Bridge Street July 27th, 1881.




#@ Orders by Post Office or Printing Offices will be promptly attended to,

YOUNG & BROTHER, Kerosene Fixtures


And wholesale dealers in Coal Oil Lamps, Globes, Shades, Chimneys, Wioks and Burners 17 John Street North, Hamilton. #@ Sond for Illustrated Catalogue and price Ust. All orders by mail will receive prompt attention. 130d. yr


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Bookwellor & Statloner, Bridge St., 135d6m Agont for Belleville,




JAS. WALLACE. Sopt. 20th, 1981,






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op Boaver, Biowa caver, Fine Diagonal Oak Hall Sootch Tweed, Supor- Men’s Overcoats, _fiae Diagonal, Fall ‘Tweeds,

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Tho Cheapost spot on oarth for Olothing aod Fornishings. Don't fail to irwpoot bofore purchasing, tho


2 Al'~


434 Frowr Srxxer, Hollevillo.


.an unexpected quarter,


Daily Sutelligencer.

A Fight Between Sea Monsters. On a lovely afternoon in Jaly I stood upon tho bank of w lofty oliffon that part of the coast betweon Piscentia and St, Mary’s Bays, Evorything was still Only the faintest mur. rour, the angry tones of the oo@an roar upon tho surf, mélted into delicious musio, stole up from the strand to where I stood, ‘Che soa fow!, which iabsbited.» small island in myrisdant.my left, soomed, too, to have fallen uador tho #pell and gone to slecp. ‘The ovean heaved itd breast in fooblo billows, roll ing landward with a drowsy motion ; and the fisherman in his small boat rested upon his oars to listen to the atillness and calm which had fallen over everything. A dozon or more of fishing okiffs aud boats, a little leas than woheoner sizo, stood motioaless whore tho last lroeze had fsinted on their sails; and wore peotographes to perfection in the smooth iquid deep; and eyen the “‘unorring tides” forgot for the moment, or seemed to forget, to set either north orsouth, As I stood like everything about mo, mute un/ler the influence of tho afteruoon, a sound as of innumerable and gentle tappings came up from tho still sea, and looking I saw that myriads of fishes, cod and tho lesser creatures on which the formor preyed, had risen to the surface and wore “breaching,” The tapping eound was made by beating the water with their tails and fins, Such awcene ix not uncommon ; but almost simultanconsly with this I heard a hollow, whistliny sound, and saw a colamn of pray rise like a geyser about fourteen feet from the water. Ieav theothata whale had riven among the fishes, and with his monster, gaping jaws, in a fourth of the time it takes to write it, had engulfed several hundreds of the breaching fishes, and was about to plunge uader the waves again to swallow his prey piecemeal, when two other creatures appeared upon the scene, They were the united and implacable foes of the whale, the sword fish and thresher. Tho sword fish ripliias gladius, isa long, lithe créature, armed with a long, hard substance, protrujing from its shout, resembling a sword, from whichit derives its name; the thresheris a species of sea-ahark or fox shark, scientifically known as car- charias vulpes, was evident they had come for the double purpose of making war upon the whale and getting some of the feast for themselves, In the space it tskes the eye to twinkle tho offensive ond defensive were as- sumed. The eword-fish at once attacked the the whalv under wator, the thresher attacking him above. Asthe whale made an effort to dive he impelled himself against the armed héad of his littlo foc,and if he remained where he was the thresher brought ite ungainly body with the precision of machinery down upon the unfortanate monster's back. Such a ‘*throsbing” I had never conceived of even in my dreams, when I used to go to the hills and rob bird's nes!s, and saw the teacher, more.terrible than wrathful dragon, with a cowhide to expiate my guilt, The sounds woro dull thuds whea the thresher struck his antagonist, and s arp:r aud louder when he missed his sim aud struck the water The wayos were beaten about in foam and spray, the whale trying to ply his tail upon his ene- mies, but before he could get his ungainly body into positiom his enemies were out cf harm’s way, and making anew attack upon The contest con- tinued, broken only by short intervals, whon the whele went below the surface for about ten minutes, Then tho sword-fizh, as if satis- fled with the part he had played, dove down into the clear blue water and the thresher followed his example, Tho whale, too, sud. donly disappeared, and ashe was the only one of the three that had to rise and breathe atatated intervaly, | watched with much eagerness to see where he would rise and “*blow,” or if he rose atall. Beyond the point, a half-mile distant, I saw the spout, and thena vigorous plunge, and knew the whalo had survived his threshing, Numbers of boats had rowed up to seo the affray, and gazed atthe contest betwoen these monsters ofthe unknown deep with a pleasure deeply mingled with awe,


San Francisco, Oct, 26 —Since the arrival of the Corwin without news from the Jeannelle thore is a renewal of the former expressions that she was ‘‘caughtin the ico pack and nipped” and she is to be geen no more, Those expressions are spreading here and will doubt- less reach the Atlantic seaboard and even tra- vel farther, to the annoyance and distress of many anxious minds, Much of this is based on whalers’ talk and on Jetters from them and springs more from fears of what might occur to themsslvcs in certain contingencies than from any other knowledgo warranted by a close, critical scrutiny of the reports on the condition of the Arctic in 1879, and the posi- tion of the Jeannette when last seen. While there exists dauger of whalers or other ordin- ary veescls being crushed between floating field» of ice in the open Arctic basin along the American Arctic shores, as occurred in the Mount Wollaston and Vigilant Inst year, no such calamity threatened the Jeannette, The belated whalers bad to make for the south with the current directly against them, An hour after the last whaler e,caped the wind changed and blew furiously from the south, hedging them io with new ioe, rendering it impoesible for thom to got out. That which was to them a misfortune was clearly to the advantage of the Jeannetie, for she had both the curront and wind in her favor, Tho whalers have good reason for *foaring to gotinto an open lano of water, which the Jeannette is believed to have taken. They wore not on a northorn voyago of exploration, anit the Dolo which they ao frooly talk of was truly to thom somothing to be feared,

Superficial readers are possibly too apt to lose sight of tho all important fact that the conditions which wore regarded as dangerous tu the whaler, which must return by October cach year, aro in this caso moat auspicicus, evon necessary to the complete «uccoss of the oxplorer anxious to got north ; henoo any lan- guage implying spprehension that tho Jean. netle was imbedded in the ice and thus oarly orippled by being nipped, is wholly unwar. ranted, Tho North Polo or tho oast const of Greonland wore the objective points sought by Lieut. DeLong, while Wrangell Land and Herald Island were morely incidonts along tho lino’ot voyage, When so favorable an opp yrtunity to get north presented itself, thoso Way stations Wéro disregarded, evory energy being directed to pross forward toward tho accomplishing of the grand object of the expotition. DeLong may have landed on the shore of Wranyoll Island further north, but it ia not likely he landed anywhere south

of latitude 70 degrors north, as the natives roport two moons of open water in tho Arotio bavin lsat winter, and nearly all the jog weent} thie cummer ia lant wintor's acoumulation This season bas beon tho most foray ever

known, and av a matter of fact Lady Mranklin Bay was opon vory far north, Thus it is fair to preaumo that tho Jeannette. found horsolf

juat in po ition, at tho oxact time, to take the utmost bonolit from such favorable conditions and is now far north, ;

Tho current wh northward and eastward, ana upon whit ae

must be borne, would without any offort of hor

| own, boar her forward upon her desired track of exploration,

Clans in this country are retired ab “so com. peavey an early ago, pan. ager iealth provent his accepting the position of Secretary of tho Treasury, Our jadges ms

: Ex-Gbvernor Mor- | when there ix 70, finds that his ayo’ and broken | every eee ue ena for this f

NO. 155

| Old’Men Here and Elsewhere, | Nay 7% #vou us grandour of mountains, glens

| It isa common, though by no means {lat rant a pen dosire no better when. in

tering ocourrence, that statesmen apd politi. | of peo 0

but bow often do the majori plo fool like giving it iscouraged and othe ree

roof that Green's eae om aa free from ‘disease | ng when born,

bo retired at the age of 70; a man 6y D i i orp Aipppecras too old to bo Peeiant p , howdy peers cemiaias Is the eg While the average age of Senators, ~ | aj Bi igostio

| Sontatives and Governors cannot be sks walle; © Coole " rH pick Head

over 55 or 60, So that the ago of 50 may in| Dizziness of th Head bape - this country bo deemed the reasonable limit Heart, aA other dis a ey that men are called upon wo discharge public | Throo doses of August Flower will oro

dutins, and they are reckoned ripest at 60,

Bat in Europe those ages are comparatively | Try it.

youthful. There positions analogous to that of President, namely, that of Prime Minis. ter, aro often bold by men hoary with years F whilo to decline the comparatively lightor duties of Financial Scoretary or Chancellor of the Exchejuor at the age of 70 would scarcely be thought of, Bismarck, at the age

throne of Germany ; Palmerston at 80 was Prime Minister ; Thiers at 77 was President of the French Kepublic, and that too during a period of great anxiety and Buspenso ; Peel at 62 was in prime health and yigor and was killed by _ being thrown from his horse. Gladstone is 72 ; Disracli was atill a Parlia- mentary leader at the ago of 77, and Gorts- tohakoff continued to regulate the turbulent empire of the Ozsr until he was nearly 80. Indeed, it was hard to mention a modern European statesman Who was not still active and vigorious in political life at a very advanc- ed age, Men like Tharlow Weed do not lag superflaous and only by an occasional news- paper interview, remind a heedless generation of their existance, In a European country roexperiencod a public man would, at least if other circumstances favored it, be among the other prominent advisers of the goyern- ment, or one of the active leaders of the op- position.

What is the cause of this marked differ- ence? Why should American statesmen and politicians take to their beds at 10 o'clock, so as to speak, while Europsans sit up until mid-

night? It is a difference in climate, babitd of |

life, ‘physical constitution, or a fashion of treating age acd youth differently, here and abroad ; America is the land of the young, children are more precociour, and, foreigners Say, are much greater nuisances than they are in other countries. Here the father becomes the old man at comparatively early date, and at the age or fifty, when his powers are mellowed, full flavored and mature, he is al- realy considered as having passed over to the sunset slope of life.

This, however, is rather a symptom than a cause of the prematurity which marks Ameri- cen careers, It does not explain why this should be so, nor does the politician himself regard it as an obstacle,

artly, undoubtedly, it is due to the strain ot tho climate—the fierce alternates of heat and cold, wet and dry, which tighten and loosen the system with a successive rapidity that, while it stimulates, exhausts the vitality. Partly it is due to the tiercer competition and the restless ambition; not only for place but for wealth. Men accumulate fortunes at a much earlier age than they do abroad, and the field being wider, the struggle is shared by danger numbers and is more intense and a sie American business men rise an hour or two earlier in the morning than do the same classes in Europe and consume more hours in their toil. :

A third cause is that European polit cians and statesmen sre for the most part of leisure, men of inherited riches or estates, Here, the political leaderjmust acquire a pro- fession or achieve a businces success before he can afford to devote himself to tho large con- eideration of public qu.stions. Statesmen abroad do not spend half their lives accumu- Iating fortunes, or earning their daily bread io order to piece out their epare time with political duties, Here politics are often a re- action, a secoodery mattor ; when they are otherwise he who engages in them depends upon them for suppors, and seldom ca a higber than bread and-butter interest in them. Both here and abroad there are notable excep- tions to these observations, but they generally hold,—Detroit Free Press.

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lief, a# do moat cough atford sevifi at 2s conte ® bottle, but it ey » pormanont cure 10 All Oags, if used

monordiog to direotion*:

h but the

fs about an acre of , troos, in connection wie iss best stands

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Sample bottles, 10° conta,

A Brush Well Applied

and previously moistened with SOZODONT removes the defacing evid

from the teeth and eben keel one sockets,

htens them in

If the breath has arepellant amell,

i tho artiole substi of 68, atill continues the power behind the | ant aroma nena ghar git eon Pheer.

are rostsred to health by its use, and canker

of the mouth cured. § i this fine anti peri apeimtrcnecini!

tiseptic, ac of other promoters of ealth, is highly deei rable. Meare oF t genuine,

As Alcohol, Tobacco, Opi Indian Hem; Chloroform. Hashish Absinthe” &., pnivees the food effects of Fellows Hypophosphites, so Fellows’ Hypophosphites is an antidote pret all ee prepoacn ana sedatives, and

r 14 ied Bu ealth such as have been in

“Must eay it’s the nicest thing I for the tecth and breath,” Bays ov. and i ing tried ‘‘Txaperny,” the new gem, Get a five cent sample,


The New Compound, its won- derful affinity to the Dizgestivo Apparatus and the Liver, increas- ing the dissolving juices, relzev- ing almost instantly the dreadful results of Dyspepsia, Indiresticn, and the TOR#SID LIVER, makes Zopesa an every day necessity in every house.

It acts gently and speedily in Biliousness, Costivenoss, Head- ache, Sick Headache, Distress ef tex Bating, Wind on the Stomaca, Heartburn, Pains in Beck, Want of. Energy, Low Spirits, Foul Stom- ach, It invigorates the Liver, car ries offall surplus bile, regulates the Bowels, and gives tone to the whole system.

Cat this out and take it to your Drugegist and get a10 cent Sample, ora large hottle for 75 cents, and tell your neighbor about it.


Ww. are pleased to intimate the arrival and arrangement of our

Fall and Winter Mil- linery,

direct from the Lonpox, Paris, and New York Emporiums of Fashion.


Thursday, September 29th,

a rich assortment of

Pattern Hats and Bonnets, Man- tles and Millinery Trimmings,

togethor with a goneral assortment of Fashionable Dress Goods,







, BELLEVILLE, Oot, 11 '81, dsm


HE Hotel known as tho Roalin Cand nituated in the ot Ee frult

ro fe known to or pat fy in the Vou

For torma end oulare, apply to the

ownor on the FrOs. G, DOCKSTADER,


Rosalia, Mey 17, 1881 daw


Geomely, and Appropriately deoc

and renoya\ interior, and com: otely On the whole of the apartments wit wor hes

Tho Hotei le bly: al

«principal Banks,




,to know

_ Bitters !\—Beprets,

Ameliasburg Correspondence,

We have Received To-day by


Express, A large shipmont' of applos and hope was made from Rednerville on Monday,

~ . Cheeso is onthe move onoo more, rome

ANOTHER LOT OF factories having loat by refusing past offora.

| Faoterios throughout thin place closed on

TWEE DS, 4 ee aro volling their barloy at We. J

| | |



with as much more as the grange gets

Tho Grango atill continuos to hold. About | 30,000 or 40,000 bashola of barloy ia in tho | Committee's hands,

The quarterly meeting for the Kedoorvillé cirouit will bo held on Sanday next in tho Rednervillo church,

Those fond of hunting have had much suo- co sin shooting ducks at the head of the bay and in the marshos,

Fishing has alroady commonced, bat with not very profitable results,

Quite a number of porsons in this place havo oxproasod their Intention of going west in tho epring.

Fall grain is in a vory promising condition just now, the yiold this yoar indacing many toodw. Mr. John Roblin is oroditod with having the boat corn in this place,

When threo marriages take place out of ono house in less than threo woeks, it makes our issuer of marriage liconso woar a amilo for

The Bobcaygeon Independent makes, in its last issuo, au augury as to the result of tho noxt general cloction for the Dominion Parliament, which vaticination is as fol- lows :

“Tt is highly probable that at the next gen- eral election for the Dominion those who now arein the minority may form the majority. There is a steady current of public opinion flow- ing in favor of the Reform side, an the grow: ing debt and heavy taxat‘on of the Dom nion cannot fail to have their effect in leading to a desire for change.”

That any journalists should consider such

utter rubbish worthy of reproduction dow- onstrates to a nicety that the wish is father to the thooght in their minds. Public opinion can accurately bo gauged only by its expression at tho polls, and this infallible test shows that the current has beon flowing, notin the direction of the Reformers, but towards the Conserva- tives. Since tho general election of 1878, there have been (including the re-election of Ministers on their acceptance of office) some forty elections held. Of these the Conservatives gained six seats which had been held by the Reformers, and the Re- formers gained two seats which had pre- viously been held by the Conservatives. Thus the net gain of the Government has been four seats, showing that the tide of public opinion, which in 1878 set in in fayor of the Consorvatives with overwhelm- ing power, ia still flowing in the samo direc- tion with undiminished force.

The policy which met with popular ac- ceptance three years ago has proved satis- factory upon trial, the rate of taxation per head has been reduced, and there is noth- ing whatover to substantiate the assertion of the Bobcaygeon philosopher, but every- thing to show that it is nothing but a mere baseless affirmation. The Grits are great at winning victories on paper, and doubt- leas they will continue to prophesy success for themselves in 1883 as they did in the election of 1878 ; but the counting of the votes will no doubt throw them back on their usually heavy stock of excuses,


The Heavens in November.


Tho lovers of the most fascinating of all sciences, astronomy, willhave a treat this month, provided the midnight sky is cloar, On tho first of the month the planct Saturn

sots. For yours this planct has not been so favorable for obscrvation, Tho rings are beautifally sproad out, and can be seen with glasses of vory moderate power. In 1878 Saturn was in opposition, but then the rings were 80 much foreshortoned that the planet sppeared like a glowing mass impaled on a glowing rod. During the second week of the month tho planet Jupiter will be in opposi- tion, and will bea magnificent object. The groat red spot and the mysterious belt sro plainly visible, as woll as the four great plan- ets which act as moons. Three of these moons will pass acroas Jupiter's diso betwoon the 6th and 12th of the month, On the 7th of November the planet Morcury will make a transit of the sun’s disc, but the phenomenon will not be visible furthor north than a line running east and west through the southern part of the Middle States. On the Pacific coast and in Colorado the transit will bo seon to excellent advantage. The plan- et Mars is now becoming a splendid sightin the constellation of Gemini. Tho white portions at the poles, which are suppos- ed to be snow, aré@ plainly visible, and the other portions of the planet's disc aro marked with curious green spots which more able astronomers than the writer must explain. About the middle of the month those possoss. ing good telescopes will be able to see the moons, During the whole of the month the constellations will presenta grand spectacle. Great Orion, one of the most brilliant of all the constellations, rises early and assumes full sway during the month. ‘he wondors of this constel/ation are a life study, containing as it does some of the brightest fixed stars, as they are called, in the heavens. Sirius, the bright- est of the stars, Rigel, Belatrix, the red star Betelguence, Procyon, and several others make up a picture which only is visible in these latitudes during the winter monthy, is one of magnificent splendor, jIn this constella- tion is one of the few irresolvable nebulw yis- ible to the naked eye, This constellation is also remarkable for its nuinber of double stars, all of them invisible except with a glass, Tak- en altogether the November heavens will be a grand sight, —_— ee

TeRkiste Exriosion.—The boiler of a steam threshor owned by Frank Timerson, exploded at Martyille, Usyuga, county, New York, on the 28th, in front of a black-

Hiditorial Brevities.

Encouraged by the results of the Nation- al Policy, the proprietors of coal mines in Nova Scotia are pushing their operations with vigor, Now shafts are being opened, hoisting room is being increased, blasting is done by electricity, the number of em- ployees is being increased, and altogether the trade is in a very healthy condition,

‘thus showing that the allegations of the free traders that the duty had not helped the industry are untrue,

Peterborough has two niiniature news- papers, copies of which have reached us, What useful purpose is served by the pub- lication of such affuira we are at a loss to imagine. The boys who edit and issue thom would find botter use for their talents <