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Stevenson Singles Out Nixon for

Main Attack

President Pictured Without Power as Republicans Look To ‘Heir Apparent’ “#

f’ 10.)



Robert ( Albrignt

HARRISI Sept. 13 Adlai Stevenson tonight des- ignated Vice President Rich- ard M. Nixon as the No, 1 Democratic target in a speech launching his campaign for the Presi- dency. He to


Di " >i \




audience of 10,000 rg. and

- | ry



Stevenson Arrives

Here This Morning.

ing at 10:25 a. m. for an eight day stay to open his cam- paign headquarters. Page 21. |

listering over the three TV net- works. that from here on Re- publican leaders will depend, not on Mr. Eisenhower, “but the Republican heir apparent, Mi Nixon”

And the Vice President,” he said. “seems to sail down the wind. no matter which way the wind bicws.”

It was Steven tack upon Nixon in three days, but it was the first time he had clearly marked the Vice Presi- dent as the bogeyman on which Democratic fire must be con- centrated.

The Democratic nominee did this by indirectly pointing out that. as a second-term Presi- dent. barred by the Constitu tion from a third term, Mr. Ei- senhower., if elected, would be! virtually without power in his party

For nearly four years, he charged, President Eisenhower has been delegating powers to appointive officers. most of whom are big business men

“Everyone shares in sym- pathy for the circumstances which have created a part-time presidency,” said Stevenson. “But we understand—


and we will not accept—turn-*

ing the Covernment over to men who work full time for the ' a limited gr

‘ong CODIC or

un oO] ople He said thot th

i> wor

pe “the plain truth is situation would get better in a continua- tion of th Administration, be- cause what influence the Pres- ident has with his party haw de pended on his running again.” It was here that he said the GOP leadership will turn to Nixon, the man he charged would sail with the wind “These are stern facts.” he said. “To ignore them is per- jlous. They are the reasons America’s human needs go to- day unmet. Nor will they be met so long as the President

See ADLAI, Page 10, Col. 1




millions |

Adiaji Stevenson will fly |

into Washington this morn- |


+ Adiai Stevenson wears a big smile—but he

doesn't look—as he strides

sylvania Republican headquarters enroute to a meeting of State Democrats in Har-

by the Penn- paign.

—- -

son’s second at Stanley Bill Gets Setback

In Virginia Local Option Feature

Gaining Support in

Committee Sessions By Robert E. Baker Btalt

RICHMOND, Sept Thomas B. Stanley's bill to withhold state aid from inte- grated school districts appar- ently will go to the House of Delegates’ floor with a local option feature This became apparent during a day of setbacks for the Gov- ernor in his program to pre- vent integration anywhere in Virginia

Del. Fred G. Pollard of Rich- mond introduced a local op- tion amendment to the Gover- nor’s bill at a tense session of the House Appropriations Committee today

It would permit a community to choose either the Governor's plan to withhold funds or a pupil assignment plan to be en- acted The Governor's bill would not become law until the assignment plan does

The l7-nember committee reportedly is split 10-7 in favor of the amendment. But Chair- man See VIRGINIA, Page 18, Col. 1




Twe Killed

Air Cadets Wave to Girl, Crash Tree

>>> NOOR ah Onn.

risburg yesterday, prior te opening his cam- Stevenson's James Finnegan, takes a look at the sign. The man at right-is not identified.


A) ' Dulles Vows me No Shooting Over Suez

a nd - ow

-_ - $ Pe .

U. S. to Use Cape Route If Shipping


| | ‘3

Is Barred by Egypt, Secretary Declares

By Chalmers M. Roberts Stal! Reporter

| The threat of war over the Suez Canal dropped sharply yesterday amid a series of major developments in the crisis.

These are the two key ele ments: | Secretary of State John

° Foster Dulles deciared flatly that the United States does “not intend to shoot our way through” the canal i Egypt refuses to let ships. pass under the new canal users’ as- sociation, >) British Prime Minister “* “Anthony Eden announced ‘that if Egypt refused to let. the ships pass, Britain will take the issue to the United Nations Security Council. The ‘use of force is not precluded, ‘but it would at least be post- poned.

a : 7 A ee = ; ; ' >



Associated Prees 4|}Owed a statement personally

‘delivered to Dulles by the Egyp- ‘tian Ambassador that the new ‘users’ association was “an open ‘and flagrant aggression on \Egyptian sovereigniy and its ‘implication means war.” He ladded that “if the United ‘States desires war, then she ‘May support the scheme, but if her desire is to work for a peaceful solution, the scheme has to be abandoned.”

The shift in the British posi- tion came just before the Eden government won a vote of con- fidence and several hours after Dulles, at a dramatic press con-

campaign manager,


Student Dies After Workout At Football

Episcopal High Youth Stricken


These two developments fol-


The fallow Can

nd were rng nig



al crisi

Prime Minister Anthony

| U. Egypt refused to allow shi | association” to pass through

then. won a party-line vote of confidence. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said the United States would not “shoot its way” through the canal, and

would use the Cape of ( blocked passage through th

Egypt warned Dulles through its Ambassador here

Key Developments

of Commons that Britain would take the dispute to the N. Security Council, barring an‘ “emergency,” if


In His Suez Plan Upheld 319 to 248

Prime Minister

jor developments in the Suez

Eden told a cheering House

ps of the proposed “users the canal. His Government

Promises to Go To U. N. Before

Employing Force

100d Hope route if Egypt e canal.

that the users’ aSsociation plan means war if it is car-

ried out

tussian Premier Nikolai in personal notes to Britain to the users’ association pl:

Egypt notified the United Nations if use of the canal

was impeded by ‘he withdra

and France would be responsible. The Egyptian War Minister was empowered to draft

all government employes be

for military or industrial service. |

Others Attack ‘User


Re LONDON, Sept. 13 Prime Minister Anthony Eden tonight won a vote of confidence in his Suez policy after promising that, barring emergency, the United Na- tions would be consulted be- fore force was employed against Egypt. 2 A Labor Party opposition move to censure the govern- jment was defeated in the

House of Commons, 321 to 251. \A second vote, expressing con-


Bulganin urged moderation and France. World reaction in was largely unfavorable.

wal of foreign pilots, Britain

tween the ages of 25 and 35

s’ Plan

Russia Asks Moderation In Notes to London, Paris

From News

LONDON, Sept. 13—Russian Premier Nikolai A. Bulganin sent personal notes to the Brit-

ish and French governments!

today.urging prudence in the Suez crisis, as leaders through- out the world reacted swiftly, and to a great extent unfavor- ably, to the plan for a “users’ association” to run traffic in the Suez Canal.

Spokesmen here and in Paris

said Bulganin’s notes advised against the use of force. They said the tone of the notes was moderate but firm. | An official Paris source said the note to France urged a solution under the terms of ‘the U. N. charter. It was not dis- closed whether Bulganin re- ferred to the new users’ asso-'


fidence in the government, car- ried by 319 to 248

In a paraliel debate in the House of Lords, a censure mo- tion was defeated, 145 to 18

After the Commons vote, James Griffiths, deputy leader of the Labor Party, said the promise “extracted ... from the Prime Minister has served was also largely unfavorable. and saved this nation.” However, this reaction occurred) 19 his speech winding up before Prime Minister Anthony |* be-day ee ngs Eden's disclosure in the House Wist the next step would be of Commons tonight that Brit-

. . if Egyptian President Gamal ain will take the Suez dispute iN to the U. N. Security Council Abdel Nasser is allowed to suc

is se should Egypt refuse to cooper- sg his seizure of the Suez

ate with the “users associa- “I have no doubt it will be

Uon. Israel,” Eden said. “Does Mr. ® Speaking to Parliament in Gaitskell (Hugh Gaitskell, La- New Delhi, India’s Prime Min-'bor Party leader) really think ister Jawaharial Nehru, who that if Col. Nasser gets away leads the thinking of neutral with it, we can do as much mili- Asians, denounced the users’ tarily to go to the help of Is- plan. He said Eden's speech rael, if attacked, as we can do yesterday announcing it “ap- today? Of course we cannot.” pears to close the door to fur-, Gaitskell asked why the gov- ther negotiations.” He asked ernment continued to refuse that it be dropped in favor of 4rms to Israel! for self-defense. Nasser’s offer of limited nezo-| Eden replied that he was not tiation that would leave Egypt dealing with arms for Israel


DANVILLE, Va., Sept. 13 @ Two teen-aged Civil Air Patrol cadets who swooped their plane|

With Aneurism

ference, had made clear that ciation plan, disclosed yester- if Britain and France were today in the British Parliament. |

in undisputed control. ® Israel Hailed the Western

but discussing Britain's own national obligations.

near the ground to wave at a girl tonight, were killed when the craft smashed into a tree. Police tentatively identified the cadets as Ira Reynolds, a student at Dan River High School here, and William Mont- gomery, a teen-ager. from the Danville area.

The girl. 16-year-old Jackie Myers, said the boys had cir- cled her home, had cut their motor, and glided close to the ground, where they waved and shouted at her

She said when they tried to restart the engine it failed to respond and the Piper Cub smashed and caught fire.

Boy Loses Fingers In Meat Grinder

A 15-year-old part time em- ploye of an Alexandria meat market lost five fingers yester- day when he caught his right hand in an electric meat grinder while on the job

He is Gerald Frazier, of 215

Howard H, Adams ofS. Peyton st., a worker at the tennis for the school,

White Star Meat Market,

Record Election Turnout Sought

ater, Moscow io, i

A 17-year-old Episcapal High} aoe, Farce uy would have to) Later, Mose yy phy School student died of a broken; pulles declared that if Egypt blood vessel at 3 a. m. yesterday refuses to let American ships in Alexandria Hospital after be- pass through the canal with ing stricken while practicing pilots hired by the new users’ football Wednesday afternoon. association “then we intend to

Bart Jan LaVerge, of Rich-

ch-- send our boats around the mond, who was starting his third Cape,” the long haul around year at Episcopal, was the vic-

Africa. tim of an “aneurism” or weak- And Dulles said the United ness in a blood vessel in his

States would be prepared brain, according to his physician, through the Export-Import Dr. John Roberts. Bank to lend dollars to dollar-

The youth had undergone a short western European nations pre-season physical Wednesday) gee pULLES Page 5, Col. 1 morning before going on the ; .

field for pre-season practice, ac-) Ex-Backer of, Ike

cording to school officials. The isquad had not yet begun scrim- '

r 7

lo Aid Democrats BALTIMORE, Sept. 13

‘mage. He was taking part in the Clarence W. Miles, a leader of

practice at 12:30 p. m. when he

complained of a headache. When Maryland Democrats for Eisen- hower in 1952, announced to-

the pain did not ease up he was taken to the hospital where he

night he will serve as State Chairman of Volunteers for

died. The boy had played on the junior varsity and regular foot- ball teams for two years at Episcopal, and had come to Stevenson-Kefauver. town a week early to take part, Miles, prominent attorney in the pre-season practice. and former president of the He also played soccer and Baltimore Orioles baseball club, said he was backing the In addition to athletics, he Democratic ticket this time was active in the Missionary partiv because President Eisen- Society, the Blackford Liter-hower “is obviously now less ary Society, the Dramatics Club able than he was four years ago and was on the board of Whis-to cope with the staggering pers, the school yearbook. ‘burdens” of the presidency.

Nationwide Ike Birthday Celebration

Planned as Bipartisan Bid for Big Vote |

By Marie Smith

Stal! Reporter . Plans for an elaborate, , Na- tionwide, bipartisan observ- ence on Oct. 13 of President Eisenhower's 66th birthday an- niversary the following day were announced here yester- day by Charlies H. Percy, of Chicago, national chairman of an all-Republican Ike Day Com- ‘mittee. . Citizens throughout the coun- try, regardiess of party pref- erence, will be asked to say

_. “Happy Birthday” to President Eisenhower by signing a pledge to give 24 hours of extra serv-

ice to making the November

. | Percy, “are t election the biggest Im voter feature these cakes and that. birthday present

Republican National Commit- tee headquarters, will feature football games, parades, pic-

nics, parties and a coast-tO- dent of Bell & Howell Co..|

coast half-hour telecast high- lighting the President's life from the time of his birth in Denison, Texas, to the present.

As a kick-off to the celebra- tion, the recipe for Mr. Eisen- hower’s favorite birthday cake will be made available in ad-

vance to bakeries and house- pors to do the same” will be wives so celebrants can munch distributed. by civic organiza-|

on the same cake the President is eating on his day. . )

Percy said he hopes every bakery in the Nation will

The television program will feature persons who have kr.own the President from boy- hood on. Percy, who is presi-

manufacturers of photographie equipment, said he hoped the President also would appear on the program. '

Scrolls bearing the pledge to “vote on Election Day” and “personally contact and en- courage my friends and neigh-

tions at the local level for , si

that would

turnout in history, Percy said. one will be presented to the mean anything to the Presi-

The ali<day celebration, he

Baid in a press conference at

children’s ward in every has-


dent something every-

gnature. | These pledges, according to

Place your

weekend want adds NOW |

.+ + in the big Saturday and Sunday classified sections of The Washington Post and Times Herald. Call before 3:00 p. m, today to place your ad in the Saturday section and before 10:00

regular board meeting next Tuesday on the petition Of @ entitled to share his bed until

p.m. today for the Sunday section, phone RE. 7-1234 to place your ad

| ee eontends

‘broadcast monitored in Lon- don, charged that the users’ association plan “runs cor iter to the United Nations Charter and the interests of peace and security.”

World reaction to the plan

a ——

Bulganin Replies

lo Ike on Arms

International News Service

Soviet Premier Nikolai A Bulganin sent another message to President Eisenhower yes- terday in their exchange of correspondence on disarma ment

The letter, delivered by So viet Ambassador Georgi Zarou- bin during a 10-minute meet ing with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, is an an- swer to Mr. Eisenhower's mes- sage to Bulganin Aug. 4 in which the President called for a “new spirit™ to settle tmited States-Russian differences.

Zaroubin promised newsmen that contents of the new letter would bh? made public “in a day or two.”

| Keeping Well 65 |

Keynote of the Labor attack throughout the debate was whether Britain intended to use force to get ships through the disputed canal.

Gaitskell kept pressing for a pledge that foree would not be used except after reference to the Security Council.

Eden replied: “If such a pledge or guarantee is to be absolute, then neither I nor any British Minister could give it. No one can possibly tell what will be Col. Nasser’s action either in the canal or in Egypt “Nevertheless I will give this reply which is as far as any government can go:

“It would certainly be our intention, if circumstances al.- lowed—that is, except in an emergency—to refer a matter of that kind to the Security Council.”

There was thunderous cheer- ing at this.

Eden continued: “Beyond Senet dy oo that, I do not think any gov- Sokolsky . 4 ernment ‘could possibly go. But Soorts .. the government must be the TVRadio ...57 judge of the circumstances.” Weather... Eden's assurance that the Se. Winchell . curity Council would be con- Women 5 See COMMONS, Page 8, Col. 3

plan, which Mollet has said would mean freedom for the ships of all nations. That would include the Israeli vessels Egypt has barred under an economic blockade. A Foreign Ministry spokesman in Jerusa- lem said the plan could make . @ Signicant contribution to the pacification of the area.”

* In Rome, a Foreign Office spokesman said an invitation See REACTION, Page 4, Col. 5

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Herblock d Horoscope 66 |


Cupid in Legal Tangle

are scheduled to rule at their

2i-vear-old wife who seeks to resume conjugal relations with

her convict-husband in the Dis- court decrée.”

trict Jail.

Attorney Carroll F. Tyler Jr.. said his client, Minnie Mae Payne, now living at’ 206 E st.

ne., has not been allowed the pertment

consortium of»her 23-year-old husband, Mahion, since District Court Judge Bolitha J. Laws.

sentenced him to serve from 21) months to six years for house. while

mresting snd steed lepaety: eat that Payne’s commitment to jail does not

crime,” he explained, “and

Paynes reyguest up with jail @

Marital Rights With Jailed Husband Demanded in Young Wife’s Plea Here

The District Commissioners legally subvert his wife's inde-'

Tyler said he expects to sue in District Court to compe! the Commissioners to grant Mrs. ‘S' Payne's request in the event the refusal he anticipates is forthcoming.

“The law,” Tyler said, “is on Tyler said he first took Mrs her side. I don't see how they mn ignore it. The marriage supt. Curtis Reid and director 20"d is a powerful legal con- Donald Clemmer, of the De- tract and the rights it confers of Corrections in a 9" each of the parties to it are independently their own and

The latter turned it down, /malienable. The right of con- Tyler said, adding: sortium is one of these. That's

“Mr. Clemmer explained that 4!) my client wants.” he could hize ‘in| The said the Paynes, iple’ with my c "s plea, married four years, are simply was in no position to the parents of two small chil- grant it. He I take dren and lived together at 704 it through channels.” ‘ad st. se. until his

ight to such relations.

pendent r . has committed


such time as their marriage may he dissolved by death or

conference on Aug. 10.

y oe

THE WASHINGTON POST end TIMES HERALD » Friday, September 14, 1956

~ Jke Talks With Dulles’ About Suez, Plays Golf

By Edward T. Folliard Stet Reporter

GETTYSBURG, Sept. 13 President Eisenhower played 18 holes of golf today. but also kept in touch with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles on the Suez Canal crisis.

The Chief Executive plans to interrupt his “long weekend” at his Gettysburg farm Friday to fivy to Washington for a four- 7 hour stint in the White House. He will leave the farm at 2 p. m., and, weather permitting, will fly to the Capital in an Army Aero Commander.

He is scheduled to confer at 3 p. m. with Australian Prime Minister Robert Gordon Men- zies. The Australian leader re- cently headed a five-power comn@ttee that talked to Egyp- tian President Gamal Abdel Nasser about the Suez contro- versy

General Eisenhower talked over the telephone three times today with Secretary of State Dulles. The first two calis. White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said, had to do with the Suez Canal, and the third with a note from Russian Prime Minister . Nikolai A

Ninth World Methodist Con- ference, who have been meet- ing at Junaluska, N. C

He plans to fly Gettysburg after

| main on his | weekend

This afternoon a Secret Serv ice agent brought three of the Eisenhower grandchildren to the farm. They were David, 8 Barbara Anne. 7. and Susan. 4 children of Maj. John Eisen hower and Mrs. Eisenhower .They will be here for the week- end.

Secretary Hagerty said that the President was “pleased” by the victory of Sen. Alexander Wiley (R-Wis.) in a Wisconsin primary fight. He said the Pres ident is “looking forward to having Senator Wiley back in the Senate and working. as he has in the fast, to support (his) foreign policy prog’am.”

This morning Geveral Eisen hower motored to the Gettys burg Country Club and played one of the best 18-hole golf games he has shot since he was slowed down by a heart attack and an ileitis operation

His companions were George Allen of Washington. his long- time friend. who owns an ad

Bulganin visit to the United States. They joining farm, and Brig. Gen After seeing Prime Minister represent all major French Arthur Nevins (USA, ret.), who Menzies, President Eisenhow- political parties except the manages the Eisenhower farm will meet at 3:30 p. m. with Cammunist and Po@jadists No scores were given out. but French senators and dep-| At 4p. m., the President will it was learned that the P are on an official receive 125 delegates to the dent shot an 83

back to this and re- farm over the

. Se

Associated Press

President Eisenhower shields his eyes from the glare of camera lights as he opened his drive for reelection at his Gettysburg, Pa., farm.



—— -

Reuther Urges Adlai for President To Head ‘Res ponsive’ Government

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 13 Wby Mr. Dulles (Secretary of Union leader Walter P. Reu- State)—he is Mr. Dulles’ boy said today election of “We are losing the cold war

because the Eisenhower Ad- Democrat Adiai Stevenson 85 ministration has no new pro-

President would mean “a Gov- grams, only new slogans, “Reu- ernment responsive to the peo- ther said.

his shoe and a man with maybe a hole in his head. I'll take the man with the hole in his shoe.”


Two Named to Head



Stevenson Criticised On Talk to End Draft

By Darrell Garwood


The Pentagon's manpower chief lashed out at Democratic presidential nominee Adiai Stevenson yesterday for talking about an end to the military draft

Assistant De- fense Secre- 7 tary Carter L.'

Burgess said

putting a halt ie

to selective Rage

service se tions place tion's military program in grave jeopardy.”

He deciared this is no time for “talk about doing away with the draft” or “any other notion of how we might best gamble with our national security.”

Burgess, speaking before the Veterans of the World Wars. slid not refer to Stevenson by name, but replied directly to a statement made by the Demo- cratic nominee before the American Legion in Les An geles last week.


—— eee. —_ ——


Tax Laws Operation To Be Hearings Topic

GOP's Hale 4 Rep, Wilber DB. Mills @-iplans to “tock foe Leadshy29 ) said yesterday a special .

House Sul ittee to investi-/ 2Uesed violations, but wit, com Roo aneds glenn tir insaetenpy $n as ans for heari - eceniher aad ieee” | The group has been meeting In Maine Mills told newsmen that the for two days behind closed | group, which he heads, has no doors. Associated Press and United Press rechecks agreed yester- day that Republican Rep. Rob- ert Hale was the victor in Matine’s first

district with a lead of 2 votes. But a re- count is consid- ered all but certain. )

The recheck showed 58.028 votes for Hale and 57,999 votes for Dem- ocrat James C.

News Bervice

Steverison said: “We can now anticipate the possibility hopefully but responsibly—that within the foreseeable future we can maintain the military

forces we need without the draft.”

Burgess declared: “To say at this time that we can look hope- fully to a time when we can safely terminate the induction authority would put ail our programs in grave jeopardy.”

Burgess pointed out the Army obtained only 30,000 of the 100,000 volunteers sought the first year for ita six-month reserve training program, and Hale charged this was “because of Oliver. confused statements and nega- The ballots have been sent tive efforts by those who would to the Secretary of State's of- have America take a bargain fice in Augusta. Official returns route.” will not be made known until

But, in Hamilton, Ohio, Dep- Sept. 26, at the earliest, the uty Defense Secretary Reuben United Press reported. At that Robertson Jr., said the United time they will be canvassed by States is building an arsenal of the Executive Council, a semi- guided missiles that is “second cabinet group of seven Repub- to none” and that this should licans appointed by the Legis make it possible to reduce mili- /ature. tary manpower. If either candidate wishes to challenge the official tally, he

Ike’s Farm Policy Called

‘Cynical’ by Kefauver

YORK, Pa., Sept. 13 (®—Sen Estes Kefauver accused Presi- lent. Eisenhower today of cyn- cism about Democratie efforts to maintain & prosperous fam-

yfarm economy in rural America

“In case you missed the newspapers in the past day or two, I bring you the informa- tion that General Eisenhower has come out against ‘get-rich- quick’ programs for the Amer- ican farmer,” the Democratic vice presidential candidate de- clared in an address for the York County fair.

He said Eisenhower made the comment at a press confer- ence Tuesday. Kefauver said:

may do so after the official | tabulation is presented to Dem- locratic Gov. Edmund S. Mus kie. The votes would then be jrecounted in the presence of ithe Governor and the Execu- tive Council, with representa- tives of the opposing candi- dates sitting in as observers. |

| Muskie defeated Republican M. Leader of Pennsylvania, willis A. Trafton Jr. 179.768 to |) ame who operates a large chicken 123,851. | 7 farm in York County.

At Harrisburg, earlier in the George Calls on Mollet day, Kefauver sat in on Lead-/ il

er’s news conference and de-| fended primary election differ-- PARIS, Sept. 13—Sen. Wal. ences he has had with Adiai ter George of Georgja; Presi- Stevenson. dent Eisenhower's special! “I'm glad our Democratic envoy to the North Atlantic Party is healthy so that we can Treaty Organization, today had have contests among our- @ “general discussion” with selves” he told newsmen. French Premier Guy Moliet. “Fundamentally.” he _ said. “on the great issues of the day | there gre no substantial differ- ences. ) Asked whether he felt for-' mer President Truman would help the Democratic ticket, Ke-

. )

Cavanagh surpasses Cavanagh

The classic Cavanagh Down-Turn has the reputa- tion of being the finest of hats. Now comes the new Down-Turn, and the quality is even finer! Made of a new felt (an exclusive blend of magnifi- cent furs), it is remarkably handsome to the eve and smooth to the touch. $25. Other Down-Turns, $15 to $100.

it’s = capital

ple, and not a single-interest Government.”

The president of the United Automobile Workers,

He told some 700 IVE conven-

tion del@gates Dulles, Treasury Secretary George M rey speak- Charles E. Wilson “are not


and Defense Secretary

ing before a convention of the evil men” but “they just don’t

International trical, Radio Workers, denounced the Eisen-

Union of Elec- know what is going on in the and Machine world, some are drifting.”

Reuther charged President

hower Administration for what'Eisenhower,has “stacked” the

he called “pious platitudes but no performance.” The IUE pre- viously had indorsed the Ste- venson-Kefauver ticket

Nationa! Labor Relations Board

“with men opposed to Labor.”

Reuther later was presented

a miniature silver shoe with a

Of the present world situa- hole in the sole of it—inspired tion. Reuther said: “We are in by a famous photo of Steven- trouble. We have everything it son with a hole in a shoe sole

takes but leadership.” Discussing the Sues Canal

during the 1952 campaign.

In accepting the souvenir,

crisis, Reuther said President Reuther said, “If the choice is Nasser of Egypt “was spoon-fed|between a man with a hole in

“Tell It Jo GM”

“Get rich quick! Let Mr Eisenhower tell his banker friends he’s against their get- ting rich quick. Let him tell it to General Motors. Let him tell it to the well-heeled gen- tlemen he invites to those stag dinners at the White House. But don't let him tell one the lowest income group¢ the Nation that he is op- to their getting rich

Adlai’s Finance Group

George C. McGhee. a United States Ambassador to Turkey luring the Truman Administra- tion, and Lansdell K. Christie, New York industrialist, were named yesterday as cochair- men of the finance committee of Volunteers for Stevenson- Kefauver.

McGhee. a Waco. Tex.. tive and independent oil producer, held a number of posed important Government foreign quick affairs posts in 1949-51. “I believe the farmers of

Christie, president of Li America are ready to turn back beria Mining Co., Ltd.. is also their true friends, the Dem- ‘chairman of the finance com. °C'@ts mittee of the New York State “lhe Eisenhower-Benson Volunteers for Stevenson- {4m policy has been a ‘get- Kefauver. poor-quick farm policy.” Kefauver said Eisenhower

na- of Texas ‘"


fashion about Democratic ef- forts to maintain a prosperous

spoke “in completely cynical! _

fauver replied in the affirma:' tive.

Does Kefauver welcome Tru- man’s support? “Yes, I do,”|

the vice presidential nominee | If you don’t serve answered. |

| guests in Washington


Polar Study Planned | ORANJEBOOM | Rerstere | |

BARCELONA, Spain, Sept.

13—Plans for a 12-nation expe-| Imported ) dition to the Antarctic next No-| from Holland ) vember were revealed yester-|

day and today at a special ses- sion of the International Geo-


Long Ovals

Wide :


Long Ovals \

Regular Ove'’s



NA. $-1409

pirysical year here. The Novem- ber expedition will set up 04 stations to study the southern and northern Auroras and com- pare their magnetic and radio- activity.




iout rural America.”

Prince Georges Democrats Launch familyfarm economy through: Campaign With Free Beer, Oratory

Prince Georges County yeaa erm someng comes Se ‘Congress from the is- ocrats opened their 1956 cam- me cutinet Gaver. Movel paign last night with a hand- Academy political science pro- shaking appearance of tw0 fessor William B. Prendergast. Maryland standardbearers—| The Democratic Senatorial George P. Mahoney and Rich- nominee, in a prepared state ard E Lankford (D-Md.). ment, attacked the Republican Mahoney, who is seeking to|administration’s “tight money oust incumbent Sen. John Mar-'policy” which he said has in- shall Butler (R-Md.), showed creased living costs. up 10 minutes late at cam-| Earlier he posed for a har- paign headquarters, 5108 Balti--mony photograph with Prince more blvd. He made up for lost Georges Democratic leader time, however, in handshaking|Lansdale G. Sasscer, who was his way through a crowd ofidefeated by Mahoney in a bit- some 200 Prince Georges party ter 1952 Senatorial primary. leaders and County officials,| Sasscer pledged that Prince most of whom opposed him in Georges Democrats would back his previous bids for office. ‘their party's ticket on Nov. 6 Accompanying Mahoney was and Mahoney, in turn, compli

D.C. Mail Box Paintin Done Without Bids

A Post Office directive re/perior before he placed the

quiring competitive bidding Order. But a Post Office Bu- f Facilities officer re- for purchases of over $100 *©34 © leat tn Sida was disregarded when Wash- = roy de a aes ington’s mailboxes were re- win-Williams and that is it.” painted red, white and blue. a came a all « ting parts of the country alter Sum- an a ee ae tame merfield on the Fourth of July, cost about '$900. 1955, : This was learned on the eve Painted red, white and blue, of an investigation by the Sen- committee spokesmen said. ate Post Office and Civil Serv-| Though invited twice by tel- ice Subcommittee of Post-esram to defend his policy, master General Arthur £E. Summerfield declined. His of- Summerfield’s whole painting fice said he was very busy and program. The probe is due to that technical experts sent in start at a 10 a.m. today. his place were better qualified Hubert C. Cooper, foreman - answer the committee's ques. of the local post office custodial “°™®._. stockroom, said he bought $230 ag Bee, verth of Sherwin-Williams ga mpeg ate gh Pom paint without calling for com- ae quiry . petitive bids. He said he acted on the basis of a department directive ordering use of paint equal to certain Sherwin-Wil- the local situation, but, so far, liams grades. have called no witnesses from Cooper added that he had the Washington Post Office. pointed out the competitive Washington Postmaster Roy bidding requirement to his su-i\North declined comment.




2-door, byd., P. Steering, loaded with sceessories, used 1000 miles, new car warranty.

(4221 Connecticut Avenue ¢ Wo, 6-8400

ordered postboxes fre-|

g who started alleged “dis- criminatory” buying in the de-

Senators have been alerted to

mented Sasscer, a former Con- gressman, for “his excellent sportsmanship.”

Lankford, in an obvious slap at Prendergast, said he was confident Fifth District voters “will not turn over the steward- ship of the important office of their representative in Con- gress to an unknown quan a coos

He assailed attacks on him by Prendergast for his failure to support President Eisen- hower's legislative program

“I supported the President's programs when I felt he was acting in the public interest I opposed his programs when I felt they weren't for the com- mond good.” Lankford said

Party supporters received free beer and potato chips at the headquarters, formerly campaign base for L. Harold Sothoron who oppose] Lank- ford in Maryland's primary elections last May.



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