Harris claims Reagan's entry frightens Ford

WICHITA. Kan (A P t P ollster Louis H arris said Sat­ urday it seem s P resident Ford is running scared because of Honald R eagan s entry into the 1976 R epublican presidential nom ination race. The acrid sm ell of fe a r seem s to com e out ot Mr Ford in term s of Ronald R eagan." said H arris, who shared a panel discussion on the com ing cam paign with N ational <;()!’ C hairm an M ary Louise Sm ith at the conclusion of the N ational R epublican G overnors Association w inter conference. M rs Sm ith cautioned against divisiveness w ithin the party which could jeopardize the GOP s chanc es of retaining the W hite House next year The defensive posture ot Ford politics has done m ore

to m ake this a m uch closer contest than it probably nor­ m ally would b e .” H arris said noting it is unusual for an incum bent president to face a serious challenge w ithin his own party. He said the Ford reaction to the Reagan cam paign is building public support for R eagan by m aking him look stro n g er than he m ight be

It is my judgm ent that Ronald R eagan has been helped m ore in his challenge to P resident Ford by President F ord's attitu d e tow ard Ronald R eagan than by anything Ronald R eagan has done Louie Nunn, fo rm er K entucky governor now serving as one of R eagan s stra te g ists, said supporters of P resident

Ford had coerced nine ot the 12 governors attending the

conference to sign a le tter backing F o rd 's bid

He said the Ford strate g ists had raised the sp ectru m of pet program s such as federal revenue sharing going down the drain if Ford isn't elected next year.

H ow ard "B o C allaw ay, F o rd ’s cam paign d irecto r, de med this allegation, saying m ost ot the governors sup­ ported Ford before they cam e here

C allaw ay agreed R eagan p resents a strong challenge for Ford, but said the P resident * ha$ the resp ect of the A m erican people and will end R eagan s bid early by beating him in the first th ree p rim aries next y ear

The lette r signed by the nine ot the 13 G O P governors one w asn 't here and three abstained from signing w as finalized Saturday for sending to Ford

Govs Arch A Moore J r of W est V irginia. Ja m e s B E dw ards of South C arolina and M eldrim Thom son Jc of New H am pshire didn't sign and Gov Ja m e s A Rhodes of Ohio didn t attend

Moore assum ed chairm anship of the G O P governors

group on Saturday and said in that leadership position he* didn t teel it proper to sign the letter, although he has

states! his support for F ord, E dw ards and Thom son a re R eagan supporters Progress Bulletin A ^

Volume 91 Number 297 POMONA. CALIFORNIA. SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 23, 1975 6 Sections Prtc« 3Sc Copy Carrier D**4ivw«d 13 AC Pm Mont*

Claremont may get |\|.Y. legislators Dllt sun-heated homes w

B yV O N N E ROBERTSON PB Staff W riter T hree sun-heated hom es m ay soon be constructed in C larem ont Proposal for the experim ental solar system s hom es has been subm itted to the federal governm ent by th eC al Poly Institute for Advanced System s along w ith A rm strong l>evelopment Corp in C larem ont. Solar C onversion Corp. of A m erica in Van Nuvs and the City of C larem ont The gram for $30,000 m ust be approved by the U.S. D epartm ent of Housing and U rban D evelopm ent The determ ination of the grant is due next m onth, according to John Biddle, associate professor 'of m echanical •ngmeering at Gal Poly and institute m em ber. Bibble said that this project is one of 20 to be funded by HI D grants throughout the country. He said ho has no luea how m any grant applications w ere subm itted If aw arded the funds will go d irectly to A rm strong for m odification and equipm ent installation in three hom es to be located at the northern end of Indian Hill B oulevard T he> olar-heated hom es a re to be included in a 35-home tra c t being developed at the extension of Indian Hill B oulevard north of M iram ar Avenue The City of C larem ont lias approved the ten tativ e tract m ap and the concept of the hom es. Biddle said The equip­ m ent tor the system would be installed by Solar C onver­ sion Corp.. the designer Each of the one-story hom es has been designed with from seven to nine solar collectors placed on its roof The collectors, each eight feet by four in size. I<x>k like black glass or plastic windows and a re tilted at 45-degree angles. Biddle said W ater from an 800-gallon holding tank located on the ground outside of the house will be pum ped up to the collectors on the roof w here it will be heated by the sun before returning to the holding tank When heat m the house is desired, a th erm o stat will trigger the pum ping of hot w ater into a coil unit w here air will flow over the coils to be heated The w arm a ir will then be distributed through the house by a conventional duct system W ater in the tank under ideal conditions, will reach a tem p eratu re of 2U0 degrees Biddle said that valley is an ideal location for such a

(P lease turn to P age 2, Col. U

off tax increases

ANTI-BUSING MARCH PtKXo by Associated Pr«

A crowd estimated at between 5,000 to 7,000 Louisville. Ky„ Saturday by leaving their as- persons brought the issue of busing home to signed parade route and gathering in front of the Democratic National Issues Forum in the convention center. Economics, not busing, top Demo issue?

L O U IS V IL L E , K y. ( AP > - D em ocrats planning Uicir 1976 c a m ­ p aig n a p p ro a c h se e m e d a g re e d Saturday that econom ics is the issue which will beat R epublicans, but a howling crow d outside said they ought to Ik- thinking m ore about bus­ ing Several thousand d em onstrators, m ore than llie num ber of delegates inside at the N ational D em ocratic Is­ sues Convention, m illed outside in del tam e of a dem onstration perm it which would have kept them at least a block awrav R iot-equipped police cordoned oil lo u isv illo G ardens w here Secret S e rv ic e a g e n ts w e re g u a rd in g

se v e ra l D e m o c ra tic p re sid e n tia l candidates But the cro w d , a lte r tau n tin g police with a host ol A m erican and C onfederate Hags, and chanting We Won t B us," disp ersed when th ree of its leaders w ere invited inside* to sit down and talk it over A fter a huddle with conference leaders ami p residential candidate M orris K U dall. a spokesm an tor the d em o n strato rs em erg ed and said, We re s a tis fie d th a t someone* w ithin the D e m o c ra tic P a rty is listening to us Although busing has been a lively and volatile issue* here since the countv-w ide tr a n s te r ot stu d e n ts

began here in Septem ber, it had received relatively little m ention at the issues conference. "T h e p arty will have to ad d ress it.sel! to the busing issue, Udall told a news conference held at the kieigiit of the* rue kus outside*

P r e s id e n ti a l a s p ir a n t Lloyd B entsen m eanw hile was calling bu-iiig a bankrupt social policy, and declarin g it counter productive to the educational process. But m ost of the discussion in of­ ficial sessio n s ol the th re e -d a y m eeting of 1.500 to 2.000 d eleg ates c e n te re d around eco n o m ics and seem ed to be approaching a con­

sensus th at the best way to attack R epublicans next y ear is to prom ote jobs in a recession economy.

The only disagreem ent appeared to tie over how to proceed, rath e r than the goal Udall and Rep John Conyers, D Mich , spoke for a group w anting locus on a national policy of lull em ploym ent

The econom y is sick precisely b ecau se th e re a re m illions un em ployed. C onyers said at a new s conference

"W e can recover $50 billion in w elfare and lost ta x e s th a t un em ploym ent is costing the nation

I dull said in a convention jm ik *1 program Even i! conditions exist that force the federal governm ent to be the em ployer of last reso rt, the net cost will be only $6 billion A lter we re c a p tu re lost rev en u es and w ellare expenditures But Bentsen said the only way to provide jobs is to spur econom ic grow th which he said should be the key plank in the D em ocratic plat form

"It has becom e coiqm onplace for D em ocrats to say that jobs a re the key is*.ue, B entsen said * And they art* hut the num ber ot jobs will grow tsily when the econom y grow s "

Three youths rescue S.D. woman from fire

A t least one dead Ships collide in Mediterranean

T hree teenage boys rescued an elderly, invalid w om an Irom her burning San D im as hom e Saturday a fte r seeing the lire troin the San B ernardino F reew ay F ire officials said the boys. Kirk Jen n in g s. M ike Stow e and G reg Poole alt 16, saw sm oke billowing Irom tin house at 211629 Via V erde Avc w hile d riv in g e a st on the freew ay near the Via Verde offram p, at 10 a m They pulled off the treew ay. drove to the hom e and rescued Phoebe Scott. 74 who w as confined to a w heelchair A lew m ore m inutes, and the tire would have been in the* house," said ( a p t Joseph Bower who indicated the $40,900 blaze was confined to the wood shingle roof anti attic. Bower gave the youths credit lor quick thinking in saving the w om an W e re lucky the kids saw the fire The w om an who lived alone, didn t even know about it Two firelig h ters -C apt Jo e S e g e rs .nut E ngineer Jero m e G schw end

suffered m inor injuries Segers suf­ fered face ami hand burns while run ning a hose line into the house and G schw end punctured his hand on a nail Both w ere trea ted and released I r o m S a n D i m a s C o m m u n i t y H ospital The blaze never got below the ceil­ ing of the residence, said Bower Law Angeles County lire o tlicials sent five engine com panies urn* truck com pany and two p atro ls to the* lire scene. C ause of the fire w as em b ers Irom the fireplace, B ow er indicated.


Some cloudiness but eoutinued fair today and Monday with slightly cooler tem peratures. High today in the mid-Tbs, Monday in the tow 70s Overnight tow 45-48 Tonight s sunset 4:14 p m , sunrise Monday 1:3} a.m ., sunset 4:42 p.m.

- - - - - ir u -u u-,-,-. I

Carey fears Monday may be too late

ALBANY. N Y (AIM - H am ­ strung by political differences, the New York L egislature abandoned ef­ forts Saturday to push through $200 million in tax increases for New York City before Monday The delay threatened to unravel Gov Hugh C arey's plan to avoid detault by the* city next m onth The legislators said they woukl take up the tax hikes on Monday, but C arey said he feared that could be ' too la te to a v e rt b a n k ru p tc y because the city m*eds a quick deci­ sion Irom P resident Ford on wheth er Ford will support federal aid for the city. The P resident said last week he would decide early this com ing week if New York S tate had taken enough "fu rth e r steps * to justify federal loan g u aran tees or other aid lor financially strapped New York City. The fe d e ral aid is c ru c ia l to C arey s plan, and the D em ocratic gov ern o r co n sid e re d the tax in­ creases a g estu re of fiscal sacrifice which m ight im press W ashington A lter day long negotiations Satur day. legislative leaders gave up try- in g to m e e t o b j e c t i o n s of R epublicans and black and P u erto Ric an D em ocrats who w ere holding up action C arey had sought R epublican votes to bypass the opposition of blacks and R uerto R icans in the A ssem bly's D em ocratic m ajority

But Perry D uryea, the m inority leader in the lower house, refused to offer any G OP support unless the New Y ork C ity C o u n cil, w h ich already has requested that the sta te im pose the taxes, votes again to enact them C arey said th at w as "im possible because the city c h a ter required 12 days for action, and by then P resident F ord will be in China

The governor, obviously angry, told rep o rte rs that I have mi tim e to play th e s e g a m e s . T h is is th e m ost serious situation in the history of this sta te

On F riday, legislative lead ers said they had broken a p artisan deadlock over a D em ocratic plan to ra ise in­ com e and co m m u ter taxes and a Republic an plan to raise the city s sales tax which is already 8 cen ts on the dollar They compromised on a package ol new or increased levies on incom e, banks, estates, c ig a re tes. h aircu ts and m assages in tile city.

GAKTA Italy ( APt - The U S a irc ra ft c a rrie r John F Kennedy and the cru iser Belknap collided and caught tire Saturday night in llit* M editerranean 70 m iles east of Sici­ ly. Navy official! said one m an aboard the c a rrie r was known dead ami in cheated there w ere other casu alties T here a re 4 500 crew m en aboard the Kennedy and 350 aboard the B elknap a m issile-carrying ship designed for an ti-su b m arin e and a n ti-a irc ra lt w arfare The two U.S. blh Fleet w arships collided during night Right opera duns and both caught lire, according to the Pentagon in W ashington and a London-based spokesm an for the U.S. naval lo rie s in Europe The* lire on the flight deck ot the Kennedy was put out in about 10 minutes but it took about 2 a hours to bring the flam es on the* B elknap un der control All fire s w ere co m p le te ly ex anguished a Pentagon spokesm an suiif just betore 10 35 p in EST.

“T he lull extent ol casu alties is un know n.” the Pentagon said "O ne m an from the John F. K ennedy is known dead F ires which occurred aboard the Belknap m ake additional casu alties likely.” Some m en w ere rescued from the w ater, and the John F Kennedy and tive accom panying U.S. d estro y ers assisted in search and rescue a ssist­ ance,* said Lt. C m dr John Hoshko, a Navy spokesm an in laindon Navy officials said casu alties w ere first taken to the Kennedy and then to th e U S n a v a l h o s p i t a l at

S ig o n e lla . S icily G a e t a is the buiiiiiiUvtrtcrH tor the? wh I' li*t*t

The U S naval hospital at N aples Inside today's PB can also help, if needed the Pen tagon said t A slro g ra p h s.............................................U The Pentagon said the giant, con Boletin del P ro g r e s o ............................. 7 vent tonally pow ered a irc ra ft c a rrie r Bom beck, F r t n u .....................................11 " is c a p a b le of co n d u ctin g (light Books ............................. 14 o p e ra tio n s” Boyd. L. M..................................... 11 B rid g e .............. U Adm D avid H. B agley. com* c lassified Ad* ................................ 48 m ander in chief of U.S. naval forces c rossw ord Puzzle 39 in Europe ordered un investigation K uterU lU M B l . . ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! * . ! ii-J I Bagley hi stationed in Looaun. Fam ily 13-3$ Financ ial ........... 22 23 lutm b. L aw rence. M l)..........................11 Two sought in robbery

dem anded m oney late F riday night. M usic, D ram a A A rt .................... t j T h e y h a d e a r l i e r p o s e d a s D h ltiia* ^........................................................4 cu sto m ers °* » * * * ? * »• O fficers described tin* robbers as ^ e a l ***** m ale blacks, about 35 y ears old of ***** *........... U m edium build One w as clean shaven .................................................. and the oth er had a m ustache and n tn w p * ................................ suit* burns


Pom ona police a re seeking two m en who robbed a liquor sto re at gunpoint and escaped with $200 in cash

The bandits displayed a 38 calib er rev o lv er to a clerk at P o m o n a luq u o retle 2050 S G arey Ave , and

Beirut 'on brink of total collapse' says premier

u . aHvispd to ot armed civilians wer r v i b i t i ____. tr,«,.,,«. .nri r'iti7*>rw have been aaviseu W .....................


Los Ar>g**es County F«r© D#çt cvararn#0fcs an<3 p*tzer Co>»«ge Paramed c «rear ng he’^et (par- •mbutSfK* crww woe* to stop b eecrng of Juan Hatty Htddan) is sootymg Danoage to head Bas»ho P»na 16 an#f snooting outsoe Hati at wound Suspects are still being sougnt

BEIR U T . Lebanon i AF»> - Fierce street fighting between Moslem and Christian gunmen raked Beirut on Saturday leaving at least 36 persons dead. 76 wounded and 130 kidnaped The government after a series of desperate negotiations with rival militia leaders, announced a new cease-fire the 13th since civil war­ fare erupted last April Gunfire and rocket explosions continued to rattle through the deserted streets after the cease-fire was announced F’remier Rashid Karami warned that his bitterly divided country is on the brink of total collapse ' Karami a Moslem told the cease­ fire committee that Lebanon faces lamirx bankruptcy and massive unemployment It Isiam allows murder, then I don t want to be a Moslem, he said It Christianity allows killing, then I am against Christianity We have reached zer*> level and even slipped below it in everv aspect of life The renewed lighting that erupted three davs ago blistered two-thirds of Beirut (lunm rn placed an explosive charge in the American I'Diversity s experim ental farm at Mount Lebanon, causing heavy* damage and fires police reported Fighting i> getting more vicious

Non-students suspected in shooting

N— stttdet fate crashers were blamed Saturday b\ Clarentoot police 1er a shooting at Pitxc' College which left sat »todnit wounded

In senoas but subie eomdfe'uor. at Romana Y alley Community Hospital is Jaar Bastie Puu I t a P ilier freshman from Pw w w i He su#*ered cuntoot wound* in the tempèe cheek

and nght hand Claremont police said l'orme-, o#- : seers working with them on the case expet * to arrest a suspect soor Piaa was one ot a large group of

Solar heated homes in Claremont

K w u iif i frwae Page svstevn because ot the high percemuge of a n y a io The tv-siem has hem trved sucrrsaiu^.v ip Pa , Ltasrr. and ts hctag attempted m l'oste Mesa he adtkc The prvtfeaaor said that the da> need art he espexta o hot to errate sour healing The tra em it? ot the sur..igtt » more important TV' holding tank « i retain heat itrom r two a » n H n: nmshme After that the owner would wee k rrsert to cnovntiaxu heating suppdes

Engineer^ at the m tltate have ualcalatod that there i> enough swnshim to prmtde ail of the heaung reqwre: c the homes frxwn A ffli In October However. Baddfc said it is esumaied that s«war enerr can produce oefv I I per cert of the heat rwqmreu darn* IV coldest months <t the winter The three solar homes wtU be rot.ppeo with hath mu* and caaveaSaaal gas hot water aac air nea:.ag systems

Ruta«* taad that HUD t> mteresud tr soeukg d tV a ir easu.-v marhetabK at * prvoe toci miflN

rei irci some ot the additional cost of the eqivprner* He said that wtute the initial installation ts highc.** than a ccwvetiDon*. heating syiiem the projected savings are naahie h rwn the cost of natural gas and petroècvci inrreusc^ as ta expect«*: the economy of the soiar heating system wi. berxwTH eve® more appeaung to the homeowner Biddle said He estimated that a homeowner wt>> woakd ncrtnaih have a naturai gas tuli ot S340 per year could cut tr«wt ex- penne aa H: The cost ot equipping a home with the soiar system ts estimated at jus*, unoer II » <m Badme saac Bu*, ne ad­ ii*’»: ibis is tor a M rtM MftM RfM i «ytorm As they went .rk mira product*« cocas would protwWv fall If the federt: gras: ts approved mncr. ot the cost of eqwippukg the three homes in Clarrtnuet w»H he p«ud for by uw goven&mrw i! uw «ran: ts rejectee Robert Armstrong the tract i evetaper saac that t would he eoaaarruc&..v ansounc to buta tv homo a: this time

and citizens have been advised to move to shelters to avoid rocket fire,” a police spokesman said H*’ added that fire brigades were unable to enter many districts because gunmen are deliberately harassing them with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades Associated Press newsman Aiy Mahmoud reported from his home in the suburb of Kin Mreisse that bands

armed civilians were through the hotel district ___ MIl U S Embassy compound, checking identification cards of motorists and pedestrians He said he saw two men led away as prisoners

In one suouru. ponce shot and were in a ... one suburb, police shot

wounded two youths who pang looting deserted shops and homes

Pitrer students attending a da net honoring the birthday of student Rosie Contreras Friday night in the living room c: Holden Hall, police said Fight young Pomona men nan- students arrived at the dance unin­ vited One became embroiled in an aniumeot with one of the students and left returning later with seven companions short: v before midnight Piaa according to police went autsidk with a tkuren other student men to as* the gate crashers to leave and became smoked in a fight with «me ot them Then another of the gate dashers jumped from behind a bush and fired three shots at Pina from a ckstanc* of 12 feet A- Piaa tell tour of the gate « is a m tttrspeo into a car and fled The other tour Led an toot police mad Pumocu* po.ice arrested four young men raging n agt from 1? to M hewed oc the auto description and beeaoe number But after several hour» of quesuumag b> Claremont oiiicer» thes were reieasec. The weapon a im all caliber piste* wa> not recovered podce »aid

Another Nixon subject of report

DETROIT (A Pi - Fugitive finan­ cier Robert Yesco and his personal aide Donald Nixon Jr . nephew of the former president, are among the subjects of a federal grand jury investigation into a heroin smuggling operation, according to a subpoena The crand jury is involved in a ven delicate quite explosive and very encompassing probe of alleged narcotics smuggling,' said Alwyn L. Ike Eisenhauer. 48 former per­ sonal pilot for Yesco hasenhauer spoke in a telephone interview Saturday after appearing before the grand jury on Friday. The >ubpoena was sent to Eisenhauer and pboto'tatic copy was seen by an Associated Press reporter Th> subpoena ordered Eisenhauer to bnng all records documents and other materials relating to the heroin smuggling activities of Robert Yesco and Donald Nixon Jr. and others ** Representatives of the l\S. at- tomcv s office in Detroit declined to comment on the case lesco iive> in Costa Rica where he -«•ught retuge after being charged by

the Security and Exchange Commis­ sion with milking Investors Overseas Services of 8224 million At last report. Nixon was also living in Cost* Rica The Justice Department charged \ esco with making an illegal $200.000 contribution to former F'resident Nixon's reelect ion campaign in an alleged effort to influence the SEC investigation Eisenhauer declined to reveal what he told the grand jury or much of what he learned about the nature of the probe But he did say it in­ volved * many people” and con­ cerned drug traffic mainly between South America and Florida

He said Asst Atty. Gen Peter M Rosen, who issued the subpoena last week, told him after his appearance Friday, i don t want you talking about what you re talking about here." The former Navy pilot said he "was led to believe the nature of the mquirv is so delicate that his talk ing about the investigation might blow the case.”

Six convicted in land fraud cases in Florida

WEST PALM BEACH Fla (A P i \ jury deciding a multi-million doU.jp land fraud case convicted six tendam> Saturday on 171» counts of fraud, grand larceny, conspiracy and »ei unues law violations

Th< verdict, described by state of- tH i.il' a> unprecedented will pave Us way for similar prosecutions across Flood.«, said Ed kuhnel. general counsel for the state comp- trotier > office The three men and their com- pames were the first found guilty in

what officials say may be the nation s largest mortgage fraud in a state which ha> a history ot land swindles Comptroller tierald Lew is has said that the scheme involved at least 56 land deals and bilked as many as Hu U0o people from 37 states of as much as $1 billion in Saturday s case, prosecutors »aid that five victims had purchased promissory notes backed by lake mortgage*' in a deal involving lam that turned out to be in the middle o' a swamp in Central Florida



U S T lO S A N lillt S 5’ ÌC f Ri«u


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PROGRESS BULLETIN M Pomona. California B Sunday, November 23, I 975 Schiesinqer tells his side of his dismissal

Imhw roriiir'tiMM in Knrnne D31SC OVPT U.S. dptT


By FRED S. HOFFMAN AF Military Writer WASHINGTON <AP> Jam es R S ch le sin g e r said he considered President Ford s planned d efend budget inadequate and indicated Ford fired him as secretary of de­ fense after he objected In his first interview since being fired three weeks ago, Schlesinger said the d efen se budget being prepared-for next fiscal vear was an im p o rta n t iss u e " in events leading to his ouster. At the sam e tim e. Schlesinger jab­ bed at Ford s pledge to maintain a defense second to none.

The m ilitary establishm ent can­ not live on rhetoric and sentiment Schlesinger told The A ssociated Press in the interview Friday And the real question that we will face is not whether we will have tributes to the concept ot America s strength but whether we are going to avoid cutting m ilitary strength and defense purchasing power further by additional budget cuts " Schlesinger said Ford asked him to prepare a fiscal 1977 budget about $10 billion less than Ford originally protected tor next year. Although Ford's new proposal ot $107 billion would represent a small dollar increase over the adm im stru- tio n r e q u e s t fo r th is y e a r .

Schlesinger contended it would turn out to be a net shrinkage of 5 or 6 per cent in actual defense buying power because of inflation Schlesinger denied reports that he had reached the point of deciding whether to quit in protest. But. he added, "there was a question in my mind whether I would be prepared to carry a detense budget to the Hill which I regarded as inadequate Apart from strong indications that he and Ford differed on next year s budget. Schlesinger declined to dis­ cuss what motivated Ford to tire him As far as I'm concerned, that's all w ater over the dam ,' he said But he sidestepped taking a position on whether he would support Ford for election next vear. saying " it's pre­ m ature for me to get into any political issues

Schlesinger also said "I would not care to speculate' on reports that he was a victim ot intrigue by Secretary of State Henry A Kissinger or a power play by Donald Rumsfeld, whom Ford nam ed to rep la ce Schlesinger. H o w e v e r. S c h le s in g e r a c ­ know ledged m a jo r d iffe ren ce s between himself and Kissinger on negotiating strategy in dealing with the Soviet Union" on such m atters as strategic nuclear arm s lim itations.

m utual force reductions in Europe and "w h at kind of leverage we should get out of grain sales and the like." The form er defense secretary was more pointed than in the past in in­ dicating reservations about the framework of a new Strategic A nns L im itatio n A greem ent (SALT» worked out at \ ladivostok a year ago by Ford, with K issinger’s advice, an d S o v ie t le a d e r L eo n id I. Brezhnev. "It provided for less arm s stability th a n 1 w ould h av e d e s ire d , Schlesinger said But he conceded "th at would have been very difficult to negotiate." Schlesinger dism issed as "sim ply false" charges by some critics that he was responsible for the deadlock in followup SALT negotiations, and that he has tried to underm ine detente He skirted a direct reply as to whether he and Kissinger ultim ately resolvt'd differences on SALT, but said that a new U S proposal made to Russia in September * was one by and large that 1 could accept

" I t re fle c te d e x te n s iv e d is ­ c u ssio n s b e tw e e n m y se lf and Secretary Kissinger at the behest of the President," Schlesinger said The Russians rejected that U S proposal aimed at breaking an im­

passe over U.S. demands that R us­ sia s new B ackfire bomber and Soviet dem ands that planned longer range U.S. cruise m issiles be in­ cluded in the limitations on strategic nuclear weapons Asked how he assesses prospects for an equitable SALT agreement. Schlesinger said "I am alw ays hopeful, but the prospects clearly are less favorable than they have been "The Soviets have, across the board, become harder in their a titude." he said VS hiie he stopped short of accusing the Russians of cheating on the first SALT agreem ent, com pleted in 1972. Schlesinger said "it is ... fairly clear that some of the Soviet actions have been inconsistent with the basic spirit of the agreem ent While refusing to discuss specific details, he did say "there is som e question about whether the Soviets have boon fully in spirit of not in­ terfering with the national technical means of verification ' This was an apparent reference to reported efforts by the Russians to tarn I S elec tro n ic and o th e r devices used to monitor Soviet tests ot m issiles and other h ardw are related to strategic weaponry In the 1972 SALT agreem ent, both the U nited S tate s and R ussia had pledged not to m ake such efforts

Belin asks Congress Reagan doesn't mind FCC decision to reopen JFK report

W ASHINGTON ( AP) - The leading defender of the W arren Com­ mission report. David W. Belin. called on Congress to reopen the in vestigation into the death ot Presi­ dent Kennedy. * Belin added, however, that he is c o n fid e n t a c o n g re ssio n a l in ­ vestigation would reach the same conclusion as the Warren Commis­ sion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin of the President. "T he prim ary reason for this request is that I believe it would greatly contribute toward a rebirth of c o n f i d e n c e a n d t r u s t in governm ent. Bolin said Saturday in a statem ent released on the 12th anniversary of Kennedy s death, Bohn, in Iowa attorney, served as a m c irocr of the Warren ( ommis- sior staff and later as staff direitoi of the R ockefeller Com mission, where ht was presented for the first tmt< with evidence that the Central intelligence Agency plotted to kill Cuban prem ier Fidel Castro. Public revelation of the CIA plots a g a i n s t C a s t r o f u e l e d u n ­ substantiated rum ors that Oswald was an agent of the Cuban govern­ m ent sent to kill Kennedy in retalia­ tion E arlier speculation liad been

based prim arily on Oswald s ac­ tivities for the Fair Play for Cuba Com mittee and his visit to the Cuban em bassy in Mexico City just a month be!ore he shot Kennedy. The S enate in te llig en c e co m ­ m ittee s report on assassination revea It'd that on Nov. 22. 1962 the day Kennedy was shot in Dallas a CIA official offered a poison pen to a Cuban lor use against Castro. The report quoted an internal CIA docu­ ment which stated that "it is likely that at the very moment President * Kennedy was shot, a CIA officer was meefing with a Cuban agent ... and giving him an assassination device for use against Castro

In his statem ent. Belin said that the withholding of this and other evidence, suc h as a threatening note Oswald delivered to FBI offices in Dallas shortly before the* assassina­ tion was an inexcusable d ere­ liction of duty on the part of these governmental agencies Belin added that it is not likely that a reopening of the investigation "would disclose* the existence of any foreign conspiracy" although "there may be some additional light shed on what motivated Oswald

LOS ANGELES IAP) - Ronald Reagan savs he doesn’t mind at all that the Federal Communications Commission has ordered his old movies olf television for a while "Som ebody m ust have goofed, bec ause I ve made some movies that if they put them on television I d demand equal tim e, the newly- a n n o u n c e d c a n d i d a t e for t he Republican nomination for president said. Reagan s 51 film s date to 1927. when he broke into Hollywood starr-

ing as a sportscaster in Love Is in the A i r . " His last m ovie was Hellcats of the Navy" in 1957. the only film in which he appeared with his wife, Nancy. Those films have been a regular part oi the late show television fare for two decades, a fact that Reagan often jokes about. When he was sworn in at 12:01 a m on Jan 4. 19G7 for the first of his two four-year term s as California gover­ nor. Reagan turned to then-U S Sen George Murphy, another former ac

tor and quipped, "W ell, here we are on the* late show again, George Even today. Reagan says he still m eets many people who are more in­ terested in his old movies than in his political carc*er. "People often ask me what it s like lo turn on the late show in a strange city and set* yourself in one of your old movies I tell them it s like sud­ denly m eeting an extra son you didn't know vuu had Reagan said The* old movies have also tH*en a source of jokes by Reagan s political

foes. In the 198§ gubernatorial cam ­ paign which Reagan eventually won by one million votes, incumbent Dem ocrat Edmund G. "P a t Brown somehow obtained a print of Bed­ tim e lor Bon/o,” in which Reagan co-xtarred with a chimpanzee

Brown delighted in showing the film which Reagan concedes was not one of his best to news reporters traveling with his cam ­ paign.

Juan Carlos promises greater freedom

MADRID. Spam (AP) - Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon ascended to flower Saturday as Spain s tirst king m 44 y ears, pledging to act as "m oderator, guardian of the con stitutional system and prom oter of justice He indicated that those largely excluded from the political process, including Basques, would in* allowed greater Ireedom. Speaking in a tense voice in the main cham ber ot parliam ent amid Spain s tightest security ever, 37 year-old King Juan Carlos 1 ushered in a new era after 36 years ot right

wing, autocratic rule under Gen. Francisco Franc o The* new head of state was cheered tiv shouts ot "Juan C arlos’ Juan C arlos'' and long live the* king' as he* rode through the Spanish capital after formally aceptmg leadership Then he and the new queen. Greek born Princess Sophie, joined tens ol thousands tiling past the body ot Franco. IvHig in state bet ore burial today. The long-time dictator died Thursday at the age of «2 Juan Carlos bowed briefly in Iront of Frunco’f coflm. then knelt in a

corner to pray alone Trained trom boyhood by Franco lo take over, the* king appeared as the* m oderator tic said he wanted to tie in his I irst public accounting to the nation

V i c e P r e s i d e n t N e l s o n A. Rockefeller was the »wily high of­ ficial of a m ajor power present